The Chair (Regular)

The chair will be the most used element during the day. This equipment allows you to read, work on the computer, eat, watch TV. It comes in several formats that fit most physiognomies.
It is folding, very lightweight and can be stored in a carrying bag.

The Oakworks Chair


In cases of physiognomy more difficult to satisfy, the Oakwork chair can be chosen. Talk to the counselor who will help you make the best choice.

The SleepEZ cushion


The cushion “ Bonsom“ is very appreciated to help to sleep in an optimal comfort.

Place it directly on the bed or on the floor and lie directly on it. The strips which join the two main sections allow adjustment for different sizes.

It is equipped with an adjustable head rest that can be passed from the bed and use the reversing mirror if necessary.

Formable Cushion


The “Formable” cushion has the same functions as the “Bonsom” cushion

Specially designed for people who have low back pain and who would find the Bonsom cushion too soft. It also allows better breathing thanks to the greater distance between the head restraint and the mattress.

The shape of the mattress can be shaped by compacting the microbeads inside to make it comfortable.


The Bed


Some opt for the massage bed as a sleep aid in place of the `Bonsom` cushion
This is a standard massage table of the type used by massage therapists.

The height of the bed is adjustable.

The massage bed can also be used to receive a massage.
This will help people who develop tension due to the unusual posture taken during this period.

The inversion mirror

Mirroirs - angles

Without this tool, you will not be able to see where everything is not on the floor. Almost say almost everything.

Two angles of vision are offered for your optimal comfort. See diagram at right.

It can be left on the tablet of the chair or transported from one room to another to help see in front of you.


The tabletop support


More easily transportable than the chair, the extra support.
It can be used wherever there is a table or flat surface at the correct height to be used in place of the chair.
Eg: when you want to eat at the table.

It is convenient to visit someone.

An adjustable bench would be desirable with this item.

Headrest covering


These covers or headrests are recommended for optimal comfort during your convalescence.
They prevent excessive sweating during long periods of contact with the vinyl of the head restraint. They are new and sold individually.
We send you 1 or 2 on delivery and we only charge those that will be used.

Prism glasses


These glasses can be worn when sitting elsewhere than on the positioning chair.

They allow to see horizontally while keeping the head leaning vertically.


Accel Surface

In each shipment, we can include a small bottle of about 60ml of disinfectant-sanitizer. Despite all our equipment being disinfected before leaving our premises, you might want to disinfect it again after a few days of use.
A surcharge will be charged for each bottle used.

Directions for use:

Simply moisten the surface to be cleansed, wait at least 30 seconds and wipe well.

Allow the surface to dry before using it in contact with the skin.